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SMA Talent has long been one of the UK’s leading international film/tv composer management companies and we’ve now successfully added film directors and screenwriters to our roster of activities. Our extensive network of relationships within the industry is based on our hard won reputation  for representing  the most creative talent.  Delivering Excellence is our core belief.

The company is headed by the husband and wife team of Olav and Carolynne Wyper who  have more than 25 years expertise working in the UK, US and  international film and television communities. Working alongside is composer agent and marketing wiz Lesley Jackson and assistant Marcia Whan. The team here is experienced and realistic – and we’re nice people to deal with.

Our aim is to deliver the best music possible on time, within budget and hassle free. Because of our earlier careers in major record companies and music publishing  we have a wealth of knowledge about  all aspects of  the score writing and recording process, preparing budgets and booking sessions in the UK  and across Europe.

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Award winning film composer Marco Werba  was born in Spain and later moved to Rome where he started his formal musical studies and where he is now based. In addition to Italian films he also scores US and UK movies and has a number of projects in development in all 3 countries. He won the prestigious Colonna Sonora Award for his music for Zoo directed by Cristina Comencini; his score for Giallo, directed by Dario Argenta, won the Fantasy & Horror Award and the FantaFestival Award; and more recently he was awarded Italy’s Golden Globe and the Premio Cinema Click for his score for Native, directed by John Real. He has written the music for a number of historical dramas and he has also been involved in several horror/fantasy genre movies. Other credits include the thriller Nero Infinito, directed by Giogio Bruno;  Le Lacrime di San Lorenzo for director Giampiero Caira; and Bellerofonte directed by Domiziano Christopharo.

Marco has composed a number of chamber and symphonic concert works including Adagio For The Victims of Auschwitz, Symphonic Tango, Cantus Superstium, Misterium, and Dark Symphony.  He was recently a guest of the Republic of Belarus and attended a concert of some of the above  works performed by the Gomle City Symphony Orchestra.


Novelist and screenwriter Dougie Brimson’s  15 books have sold in excess of half a million copies in print and many more as downloads. The Crew topped the Amazon sports book download charts for over two years following its 2011 publication in eBook format, and the comedy Wings of a Sparrow which was initially an electronic release, was recently issued in print. 2014 will see the release of two new novels including the highly anticipated sequel to his best-selling comedy, Billy’s Log.

His first move into films was the critically acclaimed short It’s A Casual Life, followed two years later by the award winning Green Street for Odd Lot Entertainment and Lionsgate.   May saw the release of his eagerly awaited second feature Top Dog, which he adapted from his own best selling novel of the same name.  Directed by Martin Kemp for Richwater Films/Universal Pictures, it won Best Feature at the British Independent Film Festival.  His next feature, the urban revenge thriller We Still Kill The Old Way,  is now shooting and is directed by Sacha Bennett for Richwater Films/Anchor Bay Entertainment.



Nick Green now working on Big Talk’s Oakfield.  The 6-parter for the BBC tells the story about the family who founded Chester Zoo in the 1930′s. The Producer is Marcus Wilson and director Andy de Emmony. Cast includes Anne Reid, Lee Ingleby, Liz White and Ralf Little.


SMARawTalent offers a shop window for unrepresented yet experienced, hardworking and extremely talented international media composers looking for their break into feature film, tv drama and digital platforms.

All SMART composers have been assessed and approved by the experts at SMA Talent who, on a production-by-production basis, will negotiate on their behalf and assist in music supervision if required.

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