Wilhelm VON DUNGEN(Germany)

Wilhelm von Dungen has been professionally composing for film and the concert hall for some time and he has a variety of music degrees including an MA for Music & Media at the University of Krems, Austria and a Master Certificate for Orchestration for Film and TV from Berklee College of Music in December 2016.  He also has a degree in conducting.   He has worked with Hollywood A-lister, Christopher Young, in Varna, California and has been invited back for the 2019 summer course.

Willi has spent the last few months honing his skills as a commercials composer, working on his 60th as we speak and his latest offering is a unique blend between symphonic music and heavy metal.

His film credits include the feature WeberHaus and the short Musikschule Mittleres Wiesental.

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An Old Story


Classic Remix

Celebration Overture